Eli Fola is a Nigerian born, New York and Tulum based multi disciplinary artist, saxophonist, DJ, and producer. He is the creator and pioneer of the live set “Yoruba Tech Soul”— a fusion of traditional African sounds, electronic, jazz, house, and classical music. He is often regarded as a saxophone genius and branded with the visual art world due to his powerful imagery that showcases Afrohouse and spirituality in a modern context. His work has been featured in publications such as Wonderland Magazine, Vogue,Okay player to name a few. He has also been sought after by Grammy winning producer Swizz Beatz and grammy winning singer Alicia Keys as well as brands such as Art Net, Bacardi, and Art Basel. Eli was a 2017 Ted Speaker and performer. His Ted talk focused on how music can be used to reconcile and highlight differences in culture and identity.