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Eli Fola is a Nigerian-American multi-disciplinary sound artist, saxophonist, DJ, and producer. He is the creator and pioneer of the live-hybrid set “Yoruba Tech Soul”, an innovative fusion of AfroHouse, techno, jazz, and classical music. He is often regarded as a saxophone genius and branded with the visual art world due to his powerful imagery that showcases Afrohouse and spirituality in a modern context. 

Eli Fola’s first introduction to house music and techno was his discovery of Osunlade and Jeff Mills. Fela Kuti was also a huge inspiration growing up, as Eli mixed Afrobeats and highlife music with traditional Nigerian genres. This colorful blend of artistry and style grew the backbone of his signature sound.

Eli’s innovative style and sonic identity caught the attention of Grammy-winning powerhouses Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys, who booked Eli for a private event at their home, and featured him at their No Commission event in Miami. Eli has shared the stage with icons like ASAP Rocky, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz, and has performed alongside other major artists including Black Coffee, Pablo Fierro, and Audiofly. As a film score composer, he has been commissioned to work on projects for Vogue Italia and Free The Works, including collaborations with brands like Soho House, Bacardi, ArtNews, and ArtBasel. Eli was also a 2017 TED Talks speaker and performer, presenting his talk focused on how music can be used to reconcile and highlight differences in culture and identity. 

In 2016, Eli Fola founded Tech Afrique, an independent label, events, and cultural platform that promotes Afrofuturist ideas. Growing with large success, Tech Afrique keeps a progressive pulse on the culture, serving as a buzzing platform to release music and showcase upcoming DJs and producers around the world. With a special focus on the historically underrepresented BIPOC community, the label has successfully released three EPs and curated a sizzling event series across New York City and Tulum, Mexico that highlights the magic of his multicultural artistry.
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